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What Have I Done?

Welcome to Wednesday, people. I had every intention of writing yesterday, but my plans were obliterated. How? Let me explain.

I went to bed normally on Monday night, pretty sore from the exercise I’d done that morning. I was a little hyped up because I was experiencing a new thing on Tuesday. I’d signed up for an Intro to Firearms course at a local gun school. My intention is to purchase a gun for self-defense in the home, but before I do that I want to know how to properly handle and shoot a firearm.

Sleep would not come. I woke up at 1 in the morning Tuesday morning, hip hurting and sick from being too hot. I got up, turned the electric blanket off, made a trip to the restroom and tried to go back to sleep. No such luck, sweet pea. At 3 in the morning, I woke back up now dealing with back pain on top of the hip pain. I decided to just get up, take my medication and try to go back to sleep. It never came. I was up. I piddled around the house and my room until it was time to get dressed and get ready to go to my class. Class ran from 9 am until almost 1 pm. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. For instance, did you know that the AR in AR-15 does not stand for assault rifle? It actually stands for ArmaLite, the manufacturer of the rifle. I also learned proper stance and that my hands are incredibly small! My index finger almost couldn’t reach the trigger on the Springfield Hellcat, which is a small handgun. I digress.

Class ended and I traveled the almost hour back home, fully intending to take the trash out, write something and try to get some exercise in. Instead, I ended up going to Burger King, coming home and crashing. I finally went to bed around 10 pm, and woke up at 12:28 this morning, my hip loudly protesting at any movement I made. I thought about getting up, but two days with little sleep? Nope. I made myself go back to sleep after I rubbed some pain cream on my lower back and hip. I woke up again at about 6 this morning, my lower back and hip protesting any movement whatsoever. It has the same feel as when I sprained my lower back a couple of months ago. The first thought I had was those exercises I did were too much for my body. I’m not being a baby. I’ve survived 6 cracked ribs, bruised lungs and a bruised kidney on just a couple of Tylenol. My pain tolerance is pretty high. I forgot something, though. I have arthritis and bone spurs in my mid to lower spine. I’m also developing arthritis in my left hip. Jumping jacks, sit-ups, and exercises like that are a bit jarring for those conditions.

I’m not a spring chicken anymore no matter what my brain tells me. I’ll be 33 this year, but my body has been through a lot of trauma over the past 17 years. With that being said, I may start looking for an exercise routine that is geared more for people who are dealing with arthritis. Yoga, maybe? Or Pilates? I’ll have to browse around on Pinterest, or see if I can find some exercise videos. I haven’t given up on the exercise. I think I just need to regroup and form a better strategy while admitting that some exercises are just not helpful. Today, though, will be full of heating pads, plenty of water, and taking it easy so my back can heal from the hell I put it through on Monday.

Moral of the story: Be careful what exercises you choose to do. Keep any major back issues etc., in mind as you form your exercise plan. I didn’t do that and look what happened. Until next time, stay healthy my friends!

3 thoughts on “What Have I Done?

    1. I didn’t know the AR acronym either! It was nice to learn something new. As for the exercises, I feel 16 inside, but my body not so much! 😂 I may try to get back into Pilates.

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